Life Liberty and Property is a project that I am working on with several goals in mind. First and foremost is my goal of spreading the ideas of liberty in every aspect of society to the population at large. Some of my ideas are timeless and some are more unique and inventive but what’s important is the sharing of these ideas. I think that the establishment ideas that have held sway in this country for most of recent history are now proving beyond the slightest doubt to be ineffective at best and malevolent at worst.

The social safety net that was created by FDR and has been expanded by almost every president since then is falling apart in front of us. Government medical expenses are swelling out of control and the unfunded liabilities of these programs are greater than the entire world GDP.

Our nation has turned to what seems like a state of perpetual warfare. As we finally, after a long and bloody decade, are pulling out of Afghanistan after having been kicked out of Iraq it seems like some in Congress do nothing but agitate for further conflicts and police actions around the globe. Not only are these policies fiscally untenable but there is also a grave moral issue that we as members of a nation must face.

The economy is chugging along at a snail’s pace, to the detriment of those at the bottom of the economic scale. The amount of regulations in the federal register is always growing, it even increased under the supposed small government hero figure of Ronald Reagan. The amount of arbitrary rules and regulations on the market imposed by the government is astonishing and many economists have demonstrated how this harms economic growth. Growth is the bread of the lower class, growth is what brings those in poverty out of poverty and as such we should aspire to the highest levels of growth we can possibly achieve.

These are just a few of the general issues that I am interested in and I refuse to believe that all of the possible solutions are contained in the spectrum between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. I want to push new solutions, radical solutions, that can be debated with great passion and intensity. I want to try to solve the problems that we as members of a nation are facing and as such I am doing my part to try to foster the debate.


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